is going to be a brand name
of Children Smart devices security
software to protect them from online threats


We build a Mobile device application for parents to install on mobile devices / tablets on the children where they can keep track of any online threats, bullying , or some one try to send me obnoxious messages. Parents will be alerts


If your child is engaged in a dialogue that contains your restricted words or phrases, then We will message you outlining the situation. You are then more prepared to intervene directly. We gives you peace of mind & reassurance of notification


The Majority of Parental Apps are either Freeware or between the $0.99 and $2.99 bracket.
I would suggest that we market the app at the €0.99 mark but offer in App purchases for key features.


In 2016 there were approx 2 Billion families in the world.
If we take the average age that a child gets online via a phone or tablet as between 5/6 years old now the figures we are interested in becomes approximately 1.2 Billion families.


Application modules are ready to be integrated in final design themes . Sales has not started yet

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